Deaf own company that aims to provide equal access to Deaf and Hearing people.

Our services are reliable, professional, and quality customer service.
The company is dedicated to bridging the gap in communication between
Deaf and hearing people.

For a smooth working environment, Deaf sensitization is necessary.

Sign with us provides a Deaf sensitization workshop that educates Hearing people about Deaf culture and that comes with basic South African Sign Language (SASL). Sign With Us also provide qualified and trained SASL Interpreter’s service. All our services are delivered by trained and professional staff members. Our SASL interpreters have completed an interpreter training program and they are encouraged to continuously attend personal development programs. According to the South African Sign Language Charter of 2020, Deaf people have to access information through a professional SASL interpreter. 

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A South African Sign Language Interpreter is a professional who is fluent in two or more languages, interprets between a source language and a target language, and mediate across cultures. The interpreter is responsible to facilitate communication neutrally, ensuring equal access to information and participation.

The role of the SASL interpreter is to facilitate communication between Deaf and hearing people. The primary language used to communicate in South Africa is spoken English. Deaf people in South Africa use South African Sign Language to receive information and to communicate. In this regard, the interpreter is needed to the accessibility of information to both hearing and Deaf people. The communication is facilitated using SASL and African languages, mostly using English. The interpreter remains neutral at all times. The interpreter is not allowed to advise any party and the interpreter is not an expert on matters of deafness.


We are committed to fulfilling our duties.


We strive to be the service provider of choice


We are all accountable for our actions


We work together to achieve success


We engage positively and communicate clearly

Our services include

Our SASL interpreting services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All our services can be done visually, depending on the client’s preference. We’re accessible in Gauteng, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, North West, Cape Town, and KZN.

SASL interpreter service

Conference, Interviews, Dr’s appointments, staff meetings and many other setting.

Deaf sensitization workshop

Teaching Basic South African Sign Language

SASL Interpreters mentorship program

Deaf-Blind Interpreting

Deaf-Blind Guider

Kwena Actor Mamabolo- CEO
“We all deserve full access to information. One important component of providing accessibility to a Deaf community is to hire a South African Sign Language interpreter.”
~ I am Deaf but not Handicapped
Kamogelo Ramolotja- COO
On Camera
sign with us

Deaf-Blind Interpreting, father Cyril Axelrod

He is a deafblind Catholic priest of the Redemptorist Order. He is known for his work for the deaf and DeafBlind people around the world, especially in South Africa, China and the United Kingdom.

"Aiming to provide equal access to Deaf and Hearing people"
~ Sign with us

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